Creativity meets simplicity

At Smart Task, we like to think of ourselves as creative people who design and craft a unique way of communication. We want you to stand out from common clutter and be the leaders in your field.

This is how we will approach your brand. From logo creation to web design, digital marketing to audio-visual media, we will design a unique and tailored creative solution to communicate your brand’s tone of voice and key messages. We ensure that your customer feels connected to your brand on an emotional level.

What we do

Your business relies on exceptional design to connect with customers and encourage them to realize the value they are exploring. Our process helps us discover your unique brand voice, enabling us to design a custom solution which creates value for you as well as your customers.

A Bit of History

Since the last decade, our dedicated team has created many innovative ideas of branding, tailor made for our clients to suit their need for a particular mass media promotion. These creative pursuits helped our clients to capture a sizeable niche in their respective markets.


We start by asking what you hope to accomplish. The response might be like a website, printed material or email campaign, and we can work together to determine the best way to move your audiences to action. And before we ever put the proverbial pen to paper, we will ask all kinds of questions about your business, so we know what it takes for you to succeed.

How we work

We always approach the clients who need it through a strategic and holistic way. Our team with diverse expertise brain storm to arrive at a message which can influence consumer behavior in a multi-channel environment. The aim is to promote stories which will be easy to understand and to make a lasting impression on the audience for whom it is designed for.

Who we are

We are a group of mind who never thought of keeping ourselves entangled within the comforts of conventional approach but to make our own horizon in the world of Brand Building with rocking ideas, leading-edge IT Skills backed by creative thinking. We are a full service digital creative agency based in India. We design clean, sophisticated solutions utilizing an array of platforms. We deliver e-Commerce, brochure websites, brand identity, print collateral and website boosting. We will help you wow your customers with all types of implement that travel well is beautiful to look at and easy to use, so that your brand can truly stand out in the marketplace of the Internet.

All the support you’ll ever need